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Story Of The Cup

Once upon a time, Superhole did not have a cup

Did you know cats only have nine lives?

Well it is widely known - and he is wide - that Keg Man has had many many High Lives.

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So's after Keg Man eliminated a few cats, he gots to thinkin' and began figurin' why should hockey players have all the fun.  I mean chicks already dig them.  But, these new young guys ain't no Bobby Orr, Yvonne Cournoyer, Bobby Clark, Keith  Magnuson, Bobby Hull, Stan Makita, Jean Beliveue, Larry Robinson, Dave Schultz or Killer Carlson.  Nowadays, they wear masks.  They're freakin' Batman.  Who knows if they're good or evil?  Keg Man decided the new crop was evil and didn't deserve a cup.

So, the  brilliance of Keg Man's loosehead brain struck and, voila - THE CUP WAS BORN.

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