Cup Activities

Paulkster, The Cup's First Champion at his going away party.

Rumor has it he died.

Paulkster, the worst half of the reigning champions, Bogle and Duse, and the host with the most - at least belly, Keg Man, at Paulkster's going  away party.

Rumor has it Paulkster died.

Superhole 17 Champion, Bogle, taking his first Champions drink.  It's not a rumor, those he must obey were not impressed.

Superhole 17 Champion, Duse, taking his first drink as Superhole 17 Champion.  But only one of many Champions drinks quaffing his thirst.

Superhole 17 Champion, Bogle, 

Superhole 17 Champion, Martin, taking his first Champions drink.  Not only is he proud his ancestors burned our capital, he has done unmentionable things on trains.

Superhole 17 Champion, JP, taking his first Champions drink.  He has been a Champion on and off the course this year if ya' know what I mean - wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more, say no more.

The Joy Of Victory!

The agony of not having your name on the Cup

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